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Are you looking for Ice Screws with ultimate traction, that will propel you through tight Icy and snow packed curves and that will withstand a good beating? You have come to the right place. 

Welcome to MF44. The Ice Screws that are designed by professional Ice Racers to give you an unprecedented ride. Years of trial and testing in real winter and race conditions have put MF44 Ice Screws on the preferred list of top Racers. Year after Year, we are committed to providing you the best Ice Screws for Motocross, ATV, UTV and Automobile Racing.

There are many who try to immitate us, but none come close to the commitment and quality we provide. The Original MF44 Screw has been in the forefront of the Ice Racing Scene since 2007. 

We have customers for all over the Northern cold hemisphere, where ice racing is a way of life. Customers from Northern USA, Canada, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, France, and Norway. We ship all over the place. Contact us for more sales info, bike setup tips, shipping info, etc.

Posted by MF44 Ice Racing Screws on Friday, January 15, 2021
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MF44 Phaty Ice Screw - 1.0"

The MF44 Ice Screw has been Engineered to be an all around Ice screw. Whether you have a mini Kids bike, or an enduro, you can fit these screws into the knob of the tire without needing to go through the Inner Rubber Lining of the tire. This is perfect for every day riding, SNow Plowing and more.
From $18.99 USD

Chisel 5X10 - 1.14" - 500pcs

$136.99 USD