MF44 Phaty Ice Screw - 1.0"

The MF44 Ice Screw has been Engineered to be an all around Ice screw. Whether you have a mini Kids bike, or an enduro, you can fit these screws into the knob of the tire without needing to go through the Inner Rubber Lining of the tire. This is perfect for every day riding, SNow Plowing and more.
Manufacturer: MF44


  • Dirt Bikes (50cc +)
  • Enduro Trail Riding
  • ATV
  • ATV Snow Plowing
  • UTV Snow Plowing, Regular Snow and Ice Riding

Products / Quantities for MF44 Phaty Ice Screw - 1.0"

Phaty 5X11 - 1.0" - 1000pcs
$149.99 USD
Phaty 5X11 - 1.0" - 100pcs
$18.99 USD
Phaty 5X11 - 1.0" - 250pcs
$40.99 USD
Phaty 5X11 - 1.00" - 500pcs
$77.99 USD